Sunday, 29 September 2013

Well, that's okay, because that's why we bought a home with two kitchens.

I'm sorry, but who does not love Ikea?! It's one of my favourite places - how sad is that. Every time I go I have to reenact 500 Days of Summer (this time we went there actually WAS a Chinese family in the bathroom!), get my meatball fix, and of course come away with a load of 'stuff' that I didn't realise I actually needed until I found it after following the yellow arrows. Oh and didn't actually end up getting what we went there for!

I was feeling a little nautical when getting dressed this morning, as I'm sure you can tell by my sailor-esque get up! The coat was a sale find from H & M a few years back, and the bag is vintage from eBay (I like the fact it perfectly matches my brogues). I'm also wearing the 'Mom' shorts from Topshop - the first pair I have bought from there which actually cover my bum! And yes, another stripy tshirt, it's an addiction I just can't help myself.

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