Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Hand

Just an assortment of things currently residing on my bedside table.

- A card I picked up last week at the Bowie exhibition (which was amazing by the way I would definitely recommend it)

- My new Moleskin diary to help try and organise myself better!

- A phrenology hand I recently bought from a friends antiques store

- This months Vogue featuring Celine checks

- I'm currently a little obsessed with this Fentimans cherry cola - so good!

- Beautiful carnations, because heck why not

Sunday, 14 July 2013

David Bowie is Watching You

After being ill for most of the week, I'm venturing out and off to London on this sunny evening for the 'David Bowie is...' exhibition at the V & A. I'm slightly in love with this Zara dress (I know, I know another cream dress), it fits like a glove  and with these wooden heeled shoes I picked up in their sale, I think this may just be the most perfect summer outfit ever.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Saturday Rebellion

On horrendously hot days like today, I can think of nothing better than simply sitting in the sun and drinking cold beer. I joined my brother and his friends on a trip to the local brewery, who were having an open weekend to raise money for charity. Unfortunately the fact that I was severely hungover and extremely tired did not bode well with my camera today, hence only the few pictures... 
I think I must have been an Eskimo in a former life, because even in just this Topshop boat print sun dress and heeled sandals I was BOILING! The boys however - completely unfazed of course.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Oh Canada!

So instead of doing the usual 'Happy 4th July!' I thought I'd go for a more appropriate day for me, which is Canada Day! As I've got family living an hour outside Toronto, and my brother having recently come back from visiting, I just had to celebrate Fete du Canada with some authentic Canadian maple syrup and pancakes. And to feel even more patriotic I donned my red and white American Apparel striped skirt and cute lacy collared white Topshop blouse. 
Oh Canada, happy birthday!