Saturday, 28 December 2013

Sale Finds

The Christmas sales have done me well this year, with this pretty pastel selection above just some of what I managed to pick up for bargain prices. 

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Monday, 16 December 2013

48 Hours in Reykjavik

For no particular reason, other than to get away from the norm for a few days, myself and a few friends took a little trip up to Iceland for a long weekend. Arriving late on Thursday night, and leaving first thing on Sunday morning, we literally had 48 hours to fill in Reykjavik. Of course, first things first on the agenda was breakfast, we found this lovely hidden cafe, 'The Grey Cat' and ate our weight in pancakes, eggs and bacon in preparation for the day ahead. 

Next up we went to the Reykjavik Art Museum. Even though we were only in Iceland for two days, there's not a whole load to do there, so it was lovely to walk around and spend time just taking everything in. 

Not as cold as you would imagine, and just so calm and beautiful, we found it really easy to wander around the city. That night we went out for dinner, and then headed back to the hostel where we made friends with a few locals who invited us and a few others in our dorm to come out with them. Big heads up to anyone thinking of going to Iceland, you HAVE to stay in the Kex Hostel, everything about it was fantastic - the staff, the decor, the amazing bar downstairs. We couldn't fault it in any way. 

We got up early on our second morning and headed to the Blue Lagoon to sooth our hangovers. It was quite an odd experience, like being in a huge extremely warm bath, whilst having snow sprinkled on your nose from the sky! After an incredible burger back at the hostel, followed by a little nap I was awoken by shouts from Mayo and Tara - I was missing the Northern Lights! Since being told by the staff at the hostel that the activity was quite low the few days we were there, and the weather extremely cloudy, we really didn't expect that we would get to see them. But there they were! I got to see them again later on as well, this time even brighter, arcing across the whole sky with their amazing green lights. Giddy with happiness, we made our way out to some of the local bars to boogie on down, and who should we see... BJORK! I really don't think you could have asked for more in a trip to Iceland - snow, the Northern Lights, and dancing with their national treasure. What a weekend! 

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Tis the season...

It may only be December 1st, but I'm one of those annoying people that can't help loving Christmas. Tis the season for mince pies, berry tones and plenty of sparkle - Hallelujah! 

Sunday, 24 November 2013

3 Ways with Leather and Pastels

I really wanted to put myself out of my comfort zone when styling these 3 outfits. Leather isn't something I would normally go for whatsoever, but the high street have picked up the trend and run with it. If you hadn't noticed (are you blind ?!) it's everywhere, and being produced in extremely wearable styles. For my first outfit above I am wearing a full leather skirt from H&M, paired with a delicate pink cardigan. I felt very much like an off duty ballerina, I couldn't stop swishing around and was all ready to don my ballet bun and start my plies. 

Outfit no.2 is a bit more of a day outfit, with this cosy aran knit jumper from Topshop layered with classic Oxford and (slightly tiny) leather shorts from H&M. I like that they make the outfit a little bit more exciting than just your standard cut offs, while still keeping the overall look casual enough to pop down to the shops in without people thinking you're into S&M. 

This outfit was one that I was very unsure about when I was laying it out - the tight knee length pencil skirt made me a little bit scared. I am quite (*very) short so both this skirt and the one before were not lengths I am used to at all. There was something about it though when I put it on, I couldn't help but feel great, (god forbid) even sexy ? Now don't get me wrong, I don't think I could pair it with anything other than a casual knit like this - I'm not suddenly going to start dressing like a sex kitten, wearing it with sky high heels and a tiny top it would just feel alien to me. But the fit is just so spot on, and actually makes me  look slightly curvy (shock! horror! gasp!) that I couldn't help but feel a little smug at my new purchase.