Sunday, 1 September 2013

3 Ways with Pinafores

It feels strange to think that this is the fourth September now, where I haven't had to get ready to go 'back to school'. Having it engrained for so long into a yearly routine though, still makes me long for new pens, shiny shoes, and fresh notepads - as well as a desire to dress in my most 'uniform' inspired outfits. Luckily for me pinafores have had a comeback, and it is socially acceptable to dress like a 10 year old.  

Pinafore numero uno, is not actually a pinafore dress but a sun dress from American Apparel. A perfect summer to autumn transitional layering technique, popping a simple oxford shirt underneath and then throwing on a vintage navy blazer et voila! 

Nothing says pinafores have to be dresses, and I like how this is a much more of a casual take. Perfect now with a cropped tee, add a chunk cardigan and wooly tights as the weather starts getting chillier.

I'm so happy that my hair is FINALLY long enough to pile up in heidi plaits, it's such a simple style, especially when having a bit of a rubbish hair day. This is a bit of a cheekier way to wear your pinafore, and to tone down the ten old vibes. This low sided pinafore is perfect for work, but also for adding a sheer blouse and showing off a modest amount of skin, cheers Topshop, win win. 

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