Saturday, 15 February 2014

Kiss me Quick

Well what do you know, it was Valentine's day and my (imaginary) boyfriend forgot to buy me a gift... so felt that I should just get myself one in the form of this gorgeous little Lulu Guinness. I've wanted one of these babies for as long as I can remember, they're just so cheeky, and can't ever imagine them going out of style as they must bring a smile to every single pair of chops that see them. Today I was meant to be attending a few Fashion Week presentations but alas duty calls, and I'm going to be working all weekend instead. Fashion just ain't as fun as you'd imagine, but oh well. I dragged myself away from my laptop for a little while so I could snap what I would have worn had I gone (don't worry, iphone was close by for constant email refresh). This outfit is nothing too spectacular, but what with my new clutch, and this Warehouse dogtooth mesh overlay, 50s style skirt, a simple white oxford jazzed up with a diy chiffon bow, some black pointed heels, and a dash of red lipstick seemed like all that was needed.

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