Sunday, 9 February 2014

Brighton Rock

Bright and early this morning I hopped on the train down to Brighton to visit my lovely ladies Emily and Kerry for a spot of shopping in the lanes, and what turned out to be a lot of eating as well! Emily has only just moved down, so we were taking the opportunity to put Kerry's vast knowledge to good use, and have her show us the best places to pick up vintage, homewares and grub. 

She did not disappoint! We could have spent a small fortune between us in Snoopers Paradise and Beyond Retro, as well as many other of her secret spots, but alas we were good and instead saved our penny's for more important luxuries (ice cream and photo booths). 

It wasn't a hot day by any means, but we somehow managed to dodge the showers and the sun peeking through tempted us into Gelato Gusto, leading us to the hardest decision of our lives - they have so many incredible sounding flavours, how are we meant to pick just one! I ended up with Cherry cola (AMAZING), Kerry went with Gingerbread crunch, and Emily the delicious Ecuadorian dark chocolate. 

After more wandering, and plenty more giggling it was time to catch the train home. I'll be back before you know it mis amigos!

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