Sunday, 12 January 2014

Chelsea, Chelsea

Winter come at me - I am fully ready for you. I spent yesterday in London getting absolutely peed on by the rain, however all was fine as I was in my new Zara duffle, which is the cosiest coat you can imagine. It does upset me a little that it doesn't have toggle fastenings, but it does have a beaut tweed lining, so I guess I shouldn't be so picky. My Kanken mini is also my new best friend - it fits my camera in plus everything else that must be lugged with me 24/7 minus the backache which usually comes with carrying all this. My cosy cropped aran knit, Topshop devore blouse, cord AA circle skirt and these beyond perfect chelsea boots also from Topshop, not only did a great job at keeping me warm, I then managed to transform them for an impromptu night of dancing. This may have been helped along with a few cocktails convincing me that a tied up blouse (Britney style) looked okay, but we'll just ignore that. 

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