Sunday, 5 May 2013

Daisy Daydreams

Today was just the most beautifully gorgeous sunny Sunday, I decided to take a stroll into town to pick up some pretties from the florist. 

On the way back I stopped off in the woods to take some lovely photos with my brother, showing off my cutout shirt dress, with the flowers poking out of my vintage wooden handbag. At least they would have been lovely, if my brother knew how to work my camera, and alas they are all dark and fuzzy... hurrumph. 

We took the pictures above in the garden, and instead of being too dark this time it was too bright! So in nearly all of those I am squinting and looking extremely moody. Some days you just aren't meant to take pictures I think!

I thought I'd share my perfect summer day soundtrack though, Beirut, The Smiths and of course She & Him (I am so excited for the new album!). Enjoy!

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