Tuesday, 4 October 2011

What I wore..

As anyone who reads this blog ( i doubt there are many) will know, I'm not terribly good at it! So i thought i would follow suit and do a few 'what I wore today' posts. If you know me in person you'll be quite aware of how scruffy I can occasionally look, so I thought I would make the effort for the next week and document it in pictures for you all to see!

Day one was my day off which was very nice. I almost prefer dressing on these days as there is no worries about whether I'll get to hot in it at work, whether i can stretch and move about in it etc! This crazy random heatwave has completely thrown my dressing however, I had prepared myself for the cold, and it's sunny?! I was also going up to London today for a spot of shopping so the choice really was difficult.

I ended up in a sheer polka dot blouse from The Wendy House and a plain black skirt. A little boring perhaps, but i had my red nails and i painted on some lipstick (after the photos were taken, doh!) to liven it up a bit.

See you tomorrow folks! sleep tight!

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