Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Today is all blustery and grey, so i thought I would reminisce on the summer past! First up is those promised couple of pictures from our day at the market.

I still don't feel like I've thanked everyone enough for coming down, such a lovely day and I can't wait for the next!

Going back in time a bit further to my gorgeous holiday with Alicia. The photos were only developed the other week and I have been meaning to put them up, we had a day of switching and looking over them in marlow park and moaning about how much we would love to go back!
So here are a few, although Alicis's are a lot more interesting than mine unfortunately!

We spent most of our time away at the festival Benicassim. We camped in an orchard surrounded by mountains and it was so stunning! I just had to take some pictures, hence the random stranger in the foreground!

This festival was all about sleeping throughout the day, and staying up all night for the music! Even though the temperatures in the evening were just as high. The last picture is of Alicia's peach whiskey, I know I wouldn't be forgiven if this was not mentioned!

The above pictures are from Beirut which was INCREDIBLE. We pushed right to the front and honestly i don't think I've seen anything better in my life!

I'm so upset that i used so many of my photos whilst in beni, as it meant i hardly had any for our few days in Barcelona, which were incredible! This city is beautiful, I'm planning on a trip back ASAP! We explored all the back streets, found so many lovely little shops, visited the food market (all the colourful fruits were amazing), walked along Las Ramblas, looked at all the stalls and street artists and checked out the Gaudi architecture.

This was the cutest bakery that was so well decorated and served cupcakes and coffee and sold pop up cardboard houses to carry your cakes in and animal crackers, adorable.
A beautiful (but expensive!) boutique store, that had amazing dresses and bags and exquisite jewellery that i wished i had had the money for! The cherry on the cake with this store was the sugar cubes in a glass bowl on the front table.

This was a store Alicia had found when she visited last year and it was great! They had rails full of amazing vintage and trinkets galore all over and even old bikes for sale, that made me even more tempted to move out there just so i could ride around everywhere!

These guys were like a ray of sunshine! We were quite lost looking for a restaurant and we stumbled across this vintage store with the most english grunger who helped us out with directions, and spent up a huge part of my holiday money! This store was fantastic, littered in treasures and had a little dog running round it too!
 Which leads me on nicely to my wonderful best friend (and model for the wendy house!) Alicia. When things get bad we just pick up the phone and offload and suddenly things are a lot better. It kills me that she's off to uni next year, I have no clue what I'm going to do without her, but apparently Bath is lovely so I am very much looking forward to my trips down there! However this means that the Wendy House will be needing a new model. Either email or pm me on facebook if you're interested!

Change is in the air, and its a little scary but a lot exciting. The only way is up my friends

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