Thursday, 7 July 2011

So i really wanted to show off my amazing breakfast that I made the other day. It tasted so good, and I even recooked the egg to make sure that it was runny in the middle (I cracked the yolk on the first as it hit the pan, such a frequent occurrance when I'm cooking eggs!). The bacon was extra thick stuff too, so this bagel was incredibly filling! all washed down with the usual black coffee, and I think it was raspberry and red grape juice that day, although it looks suspiciously like red wine!
Breakfast is most definitely my most favourite meal of the day, and I'm always so upset when i don't get to eat it properly (which has been most days recently!), so when i do ge the time, i really try and go all out!

I also wanted to show off the completed owl that i've been going on about in my last few posts! He has turned out so cute, and for some reason really chubby?! He also had to have a bit of surgery as his wing started to fray after i had sewn him up, hence his little strawberry patch. I went with hand sewing the face on like my last denim one that i put up here, simply because i think it looks alot better, although makes it a lengthier process.

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