Thursday, 7 July 2011

I know this is the second post in the same day, but I had an 8 day stretch at work and today was my first full day off since last wednesday! I can tell you it was quite hellish. However its my last day in my current job tomorrow (scaryyy) and I don't actually have another job to go to (even scarier!). However, although i am of course looking for a new job, I'm hoping maybe in this gap between jobs i'll be able to focus a lot on The Wendy House as I have been neglecting it a little as of late. I'm also going on holiday, which should be really exciting! Alicia and I are going to the Spanish music festival Benicassim, and then spending a few days in Barcelona for her birthday and to do some sight-seeing, and hopefully pick up some lovely things for the shop! This reminds me that I still havent shown you the fantastic pictures my brother took whilst we were away in Canada! Another day!

As well as the exciting holiday and job related news, some relevant Wendy House news! We will be coming offline and into Wycombe Market on Saturday 6th August! I cannot wait, I really hope it will be a great day and lots of you will come and have a buy. Everything that is unsold in the webstore will be coming with me, along with lots of other treasure that aren't currently up, and a heap more handmade lovelies, like jewellery (the necklace pictures i put up the other week!) make up purses and tote bags (these tote bags are incredible, best i've seen, and i have ALOT of canvas totes). I'm gonna be making posters so if you fancy handing some round give me a holler! Likewise if you would like to advertise on facebook, please go for it! The more the merrier, and I'm planning on forcing my sister into making her amazing cupcakes, as well as my friend's Grandma Alicia to bake some of her world famous brownies and of course there will be more bunting than you can even imagine!

I've been lucky to find a lot of lovely things recently, but with no time to get Alicia to model them (please note not Grandma Alicia), and no room on the store, I felt I should at least post some photos on here. Unfortunately, my camera decided that it was having none of it and ran out of battery half way through so this is only part uno!

And now my laptop does not want to cooperate either. fantasticccc! so instead here is a preview of part one  !

This dress is stunning. It's quite simply the perfect summer dress, I was quite gutted it was too big for me as I definitely would of just kept it for myself if it had! Cream cotton, smock style, with embroidery on the bodice, ties on either side under the arms and one to do it up at the back, AND pockets (I'm big on dresses with pockets, they're instantly so much better than those without). IT'S AMAZING.  I cant wait until this silly piece of machinery begins to work so i can show you the full length picture, because this one really isn't doing it enough justice!

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