Monday, 20 June 2011

The Wendy House

It's mad that The Wendy House website has been up and running for almost a month now! it's all going so well and everyone has given me nothing but positive feedback, thanks so much!

I thought I had better follow suit with the cool kids and start a proper blog to go alongside the shop, to let you all know the daily goings on in The Wendy House and to keep you updated on any exciting products I'm making or putting up on the shop! If you're luck i might even put some cheeky discounts up, exclusive to the blog!

Today has been quite nice and relaxing, it's my first day off since last Tuesday and I am truly exhausted! I've mainly just been having a trawl through eBay with a cup of coffee looking for some gems to sell, and I have indeed bought some new treats that will go up in the shop within the next couple of weeks.

I'm extremely excited for this dress to arrive in the post in particular! Really hoping it's as nice in the picture as in real life, it just looks a really nice style and pattern looks lovely too.

I've been very bad at doing any sewing recently, however that should be changing this afternoon, as I intend to make an owl (my sister has requested I do so for a friend's birthday present!) and also some more jewellery which I've really got into recently. I should really hurry up and pop some more up on the store, as the only one I've got up are my lovely feathers from Canada.

I also started making some hairslides the other day (again another burthday present) which are simply adorable! Will try and post some pictures ASAP. Also in the pipeline are some really lovely make up purses that I'm making out of this daisy fabric, a cutoff from a jumpsuit that I made into a placesuit! They're going to be so nice, definitely one I'll be keeping for myself as well.

Well my coffee cup is empty, and my laptop is starting to overheat, a sure sign I have been on eBay for too long!

Ta ta for now!

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